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Feature in Design Bureau Magazine: Master Suite + Powder Bath Remodel

I’m thrilled to share that one of my favorite projects of 2013 is featured in the Jan/Feb issue of Design Bureau Magazine. If you aren’t familiar with this publication then I suggest you check it out because they publish some fabulous design ideas, and I am truly honored to be a part the current edition. The feature is of a master suite and powder bath remodel. Nearly everything that you see, from the floors to the ceilings, was completely remodeled, and most all of the elements were either custom designed or custom ordered specifically for the client. I hope that you enjoy these pictures and learning a little bit more about what went into this project.

With this remodel, my clients were looking for a completely new look. They wanted the design to be contemporary, not too fussy or over the top, with an element of glamour. I wasn’t given many specific parameters, but the look that we were going for was definitely classy, comfortable, and elegant.

The inspiration for the color scheme of warm taupe, warm grays, fuchsia, and mustard/gold came from the unusual granite that I used in this master bathroom and closet. The granite is a unique quartzite- the base of the stone is a light grey-taupe and there are beautiful streaks of burgundy, raisin, and mustard yellow colors. The richness of the colors streaking through the granite inspired the rich color palette that you see in the bathroom tile, cabinetry as well as the bed frame, accent pillows, and wall color.

My goal for the space was to transform the look and feel to that of a retreat or luxury hotel. I wanted to create a comfortable, engulfing space for my clients to relax and unwind, or even escape into. When the window treatments are closed, the space truly wraps you up and makes you feel like you have been transported somewhere else. Furthermore, the decorative finish on the ceiling in the master bedroom utilizes metallics, taupes, and grays. The use of metallics on the ceiling brings light to the ceiling and draws the eye up. The effect that it creates really draws you in, engulfing you, and allowing you to experience the whole room.

(Photo credit: B-Rad Photography)

Master Detail_006
(Photo credit: B-Rad Photography)

I have always been most inspired by color and texture, and I am constantly pushing myself to meet or exceed my clients’ expectations with exciting new color and fabric combinations. In this case, my clients were willing to go with a more bold color scheme, and I was excited to oblige. I am very comfortable working with color, it’s just part of who I am as a designer.

In the closet, my client wanted to display her extensive perfume bottle collection. We wanted the focal point of the display to be the perfume bottles, not the shelving, and so we used German seeded glass to frame out a box display piece for the perfume bottles. We then dropped in six, 11 watt LED lights, which threw an enormous amount of light into the space with very little reflection off of the glass or lighting. This installation kept the focus on the perfume bottles rather than on the shelving and or lighting.

As you can see, a lot of detail went into this design. Some of my favorite stand out elements are, the Japanese soaking tub, custom cabinets in the master bath and the perfume bottle display in the master closet.

Master Closet Vanity_013
(Photo credit: B-Rad Photography)

Master Closet Shoe_014
(Photo credit: B-Rad Photography)

Master Closet Perfume_010
(Photo credit: B-Rad Photography)

One of my clients is part Japanese and he wanted to incorporate a subtle injection of his heritage into the design. We chose a more modern style Japanese soaking tub because it fit the space perfectly. We built it to look like a true soaking tub (even though the tub has its own built-in overflow), making it look as though the water will overflow onto the bed of rocks below.

Master Bath_009
(Photo credit: B-Rad Photography)

The master bath cabinetry was designed to compliment the curves of the Japanese soaking tub. The cabinets were custom built by a local custom cabinet company, and they did a great job of rising to the challenge and achieving the look that we had envisioned.

We chose to build flat panel cabinets without molding to achieve the fluid curvature that we were going for. The shape of the cabinets gives the relatively small and rigid space more movement, it also opens up the area and provides a more luxurious feel. Since the cabinets are so unique in shape and size, we had long, vertical hardware custom made to fit the cabinets perfectly. This final touch draws the eye upwards and embellishes the look, pulling everything together beautifully.

Master Bath_008
(Photo credit: B-Rad Photography)

When it comes to designing a powder bath, I love to make a statement. You can really push the design over the top in a powder bath since it’s a small area where not a lot of time is spent at once. It also makes a lasting impression on guests who have access to the bathroom while visiting the client’s home.

We tried several different red paints on the vanity before we found one that was just the right shade, which happened to be an automotive paint. It turned out beautifully because the high gloss finish of the auto paint really pops, it looks great with the mosaic tile. I also had the mirror custom made to mimic the design of the mosaic tile. The carved stone sink has great movement and is unique in its own right, which really seals off the look.

Master Entry_004
(Photo credit: B-Rad Photography)

Master Suite Remodel
(Photo credit: B-Rad Photography)

Master Suite Remodel
(Photo credit: B-Rad Photography)


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