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Entry and Powder Bath Detail

One of my favorite aspects of design is coming up with solutions that are both visually stunning and functional for the person or family living in the space. Every project brings some sort of challenge, and this entry way and powder bath redesign was no different.

Let’s start in the entry way. This home features a two story entry way with a few feet of space on either side of the front double door. The space was too small to place a piece of furniture, but too big to go without a statement piece, so I had to find a way to make a splash without taking up a lot of room.

My solution was to take advantage of the wall height in order to draw the eye upward and create a more grandiose entrance to the home.

I found a large decorative shelf that didn’t take up floor space and was only 12 inches deep, making it perfect for holding one large accessory. We hung the shelf several inches above the floor and topped it with a cool ceramic wing sculpture that works perfectly in the space and makes a bold statement. To enhance the look further, we hung a tall metal mirror above the shelf, which creates even more height.

To complete the look, we created a 10 ft tall wallpaper panel with custom framing to mount in the space to the right of the front door. Tying the look together are a large potted plant and Zebra hide, which add warmth, whimsy, and texture to the space.

Powder Bath + Entry Detail
(Photo credit: B-Rad Photography)

Powder Bath + Entry Detail
(Photo credit: B-Rad Photography)

Moving into the powder bath, we pulled in the same reds and blues that were introduced in the family area. This additional splash of color makes things cohesive, colorful, fun, and reflective of the five person family who enjoys this home.

To keep things simple and cost effective, we repurposed old fixtures, used the existing faux finish on the wall, and added a pop of color on the ceiling. In addition, new art, a one-unit porcelain sink and counter, vanity, and mirror were installed.

The vanity mirror was glued directly to the wall and then framed with mosaic tile from floor to ceiling, which creates a beautiful backsplash combination mirror. The finished product highlights the tall ceilings and brings an added dimension of color and texture to the space.

Powder Bath + Entry Detail
(Photo credit: B-Rad Photography)

Powder Bath + Entry Detail
(Photo credit: B-Rad Photography)

Both myself and my clients were thrilled with the way this redesign turned out, despite the challenges presented.

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